Level 1

-Running: Cartwheels & Roundoffs; Roundoff Back Walk-over
-Standing: Backbend kick-over; Front/Back Walkover


Level 3

-Running: Round-off Tuck/ Round-Off BHS Tuck; Punch Front

-Standing: Standing 3 BHS; Jumps to BHS


Level 2

-Running: Round-Off BHS Series; Front Walk-Over to BHS Series
-Standing: Back Handspring (BHS); Back-Walkover BHS


Level 4/5

-Running: Round-Off BHS Layout; Specialty through to Layout; Round-off BHS Full; Specialty through to Full; Double Full or higher

-Standing: Jumps to BHS Tuck; Standing Tuck; 2 BHS to Layout; Jumps to Tuck ; BHS to Full ; Standing Full

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