Dana Brown
Co-Owner & All-Star Coach

Dana Brown originates from Key West Florida. In Key West, Dana was on the competitive all-star teams Planet and Key West Allstars. In his early college years he was a member of the FSU marching chiefs, and member of Tallahassee Community College cheer team. While earning his degree in Physical Education at FSU he was a member of the coed cheerleading team where he was captain for 3 years. In proceeding his time at FSU Dana became the coach of Florida State Coed team as well as Head coach of Tallahassee Community College cheer team. As a former Chiles varsity cheer coach Dana has experience with both all-star, high school, and collegiate cheer. Dana is also a co-owner of Champion Central Cheer and Dance Company, which travels around the nation doing choreography and camps for cheerleaders of all ages.

Dustin Baker
Co-Owner & All-Star Coach

Dustin was born and raised in Live Oak, FL. He is a former cheerleader and captain at The Florida State University and has over 13 years of competitive cheerleading and dance experience. Dustin graduated from FSU in 2011 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in business. Dustin was a 2-year head coach for Chiles High School JV and is USASF credentialed through level 5 in stunts, tumbling, and tosses. Dustin is also the co-owner of Champion Central Cheer and Dance Company (C4). This camp company travels around the country even as far as Puerto Rico instructing cheer camps ranging from high school to college! 

Taylor Jenkins
Office Manager

Taylor was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and started cheer at the age of 5. She then moved to Atlanta, GA where she cheered for The Stingray Allstars for 4 seasons before moving to Tallahassee. Taylor studied Psychology and Forensics at Florida State University then transferred to the University of Alabama to finish her college degree. This is Taylor’s 6th season at CNA, and she loves getting to know all of the parents and athletes!

Korey Tuarez
Tumbling Director & All-Star Coach  

Korey Tuarez is from Ft Lauderdale, FL and started his competitive cheerleading career when he entered high school. He cheered at Broward Elite All-Stars and Top Gun All-Stars Miami on Top Gun Large CoEd (TGLC). Korey graduated from Florida State University with a degree in International Affairs and currently works at CNA full-time as our Tumbling Director and All-Star Coach. This is Korey’s 5th season at CNA, and he brings new and innovative techniques to our tumbling classes! 

Gabby Dunlap
Marketing Manager & All-Star Coach

Gabby is from Atlanta, GA and started cheering when she was 3 years old. She cheered in high school and was named GHSA Georgia Cheerleader of the Year her senior year. She cheered competitively at The Stingray All-Stars for 12 seasons where she won 8 Cheersport titles, 6 NCA titles, 8 UCA titles, 2 Summit titles, 1 Majors title, and 1 Worlds title. Gabby is a member of the Florida State University All-Girl Cheerleading Team and is currently pursuing a degree in Information, Communication, Technology. This is Gabby’s 3rd season at CNA, and she loves watching the athletes grow as people and competitors!

Jaela Washington
All-Star Coach

Jaela was born in Long Island, NY and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2005. She cheered on a varsity high school level at Douglas County High School and on an All-Star level at Douglasville Cheer Stars and The Stingray Allstars. Jaela holds multiple Cheersport, NCA, UCA, Majors, and Summit titles. She is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health at Florida State University. This is Jaela’s 2nd season at CNA, and she loves getting to share her passion for cheerleading with all of the athletes!

Madison Barfield
All-Star Coach

Madison was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. She cheered in high school and at Cheer Nation Athletics for 4 years. Madison is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing at Tallahassee Community College. She also works full-time at TLC Chiropractic as a Registered Chiropractic Assistant. This is Madison’s 7th season at CNA, and as a member of the 2016 Summit Winning Team (Platinum), she knows just what it takes to become a champion!

Tyler Fryson
Tumbling & All-Star Coach

Tyler is a Tallahassee native and cheered at Cheer Nation Athletics for 4 seasons. He holds Cheersport, NCA, and Summit titles. Aside from cheer, Tyler has coached gymnastics and dance and has also served as captain of his color guard team in high school. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business at Tallahassee Community College. This is Tyler's 6th season at CNA, and his love for the sport exudes when he is coaching athletes.  

Antonio Rios
Tumbling & Rec Cheer Coach

Rios comes to us all the way from Rochester, NY. He cheered competitively at Core Athletics and has competed at the World Championship of Cheerleading 4 times. Rios has been coaching cheerleading and tumbling for 6 years and is also a Power Coach at Camp Woodward, where some of the best athletes around the world train! This is Rios’s 2nd season at CNA, and he loves watching the athletes push themselves to be the best they can be.